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 It works smoother with floor and wall

  A Hebic cargo floor fits perfectly, installs flat and comes in 1 piece. The extremely sturdy non-slip layer results in a safer work surface. The Hebic wall covering protects both your vehicle and your cargo. This will enhance your professional image and make it easier for you to keep the nicely finished cargo area neat and clean.


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Coachwork and goods

Our products protect both your goods and your coachwork. The load is not damaged by sharp edges and the bodywork is protected from bumps and dents.


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Load securing

When on the road you have to secure your load. With our specially developed shells your fastening rings are always accessible. You can order additional fastening rails that are to be fixed to the sides.


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Strengthen your image

Strengthen your professional image. Our layout gives you a better overview and you will find it easier to keep the loading space neat and hygienic.


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Tailored to the use

Our floor material is extremely strong, durable, oil-, water- and acid-resistant: a guarantee of the highest quality. We only use wood that is certified as having been sustainably produced and use recycled material for our plastic accessories.


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Made to measure

The perfect cut 

Our range includes more than 1000 products. With the help of our computer-controlled machines they are perfectly made to measure in our own workshop.


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